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Hol-Box offers everything what tourists look for resting and nature.It is a paradise with pearly white beaches, rich diversity of fauna and flora, along with great warmth of its people.

Whale shark watching is a favorite for visitors because Hol-Box has all the necessary to refuge this specie. You can fully admire it from June to September.

It is also on the Isla de los Pájaros, with viewpoints and walkways that minimize direct contact with the birds that inhabit the island, but to admire them without problems. Flamingos, cormorants, pelicans, herons, wild ducks, gulls, among other birds, can be admired in this place..
Pasión Island is ideal to enjoy virgin beaches, sea and sun, with total tranquility without the noise and distractions of civilization. For a 100% break, this island is perfect.